Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Rockfest 2007

KQRC-FM, the local "everything that rocks" station, had relentlessly promoted their annual "Rockfest" concert for at least a couple of months in advance of the June 9 event. Godsmack, Breaking Benjamin, Buckcherry, Chevelle, Saliva, Puddle of Mudd, Sevendust, the Exies, the Burden Brothers, Three Days Grace and a few other bands were on the bill.

It worked. 40,000 people squeezed into the grounds of the World War I memorial.

The mob of metal fans extended more than two hundred yards from the main stage. For perspective, consider that the two video screens pictured here are about 75 yards apart, and that the first one is about a full football field from the main stage.

The crowd at the second stage was significantly smaller.

The Burden Brothers were one of the first bands to perform. And they were one of the best.

I now regret ignoring the people who said that the Toadies- the Burden Brothers are a Toadies spinoff- were the real deal. I believe them now.

Black Stone Cherry would be the first to admit that they love Lynyrd Skynyrd.

And I love them for that.

Their guitarist looks like a goof until he starts rockin'.

The vocalist reminds me of Steve Miller.

Drowing Pool raged.

I don't know which was more terrifying- the band or their fans.

The combination of sun, beer and metal could have spelled disaster. Yet I don't recall seeing a single fight. I did, however, see lots of people who had passed out.

And then there's this.

I wondered how this young lady felt about the message on her companion's t-shirt.

The guys in Saliva look like complete twits.

It's hard to believe, I know, but they were really good.

One of Rockfest's "attractions" is the disconcerting number of women eager to flash their breasts. While I'm far from noble, I still refused to photograph this sordid behavior. I was touched, however, to see this guy's buddies lift him up so that he might enjoy the scenery.


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