Thursday, September 27, 2007

Street Festival at 18th & Vine

Hustler and philosopher Piney Brown returned to 18th & Vine for the American Jazz Museum's tenth anniversary street party on September 15, 2007. His presence was just one of many delightful surprises on tap at the free event. Additional photos of the proceedings, along with my review, are here. That's Ronny Reed playing the role of Brown.

Ralph Woods, husband of the late Kay Smith-Woods, offered an emotional presentation.

L. Jayne McShann, Jay McShann's daughter, spoke about the struggle to revitalize Kansas City's jazz district.

Myra Taylor loves to talk. And I love to listen.

Leon Brady's band of teenagers impressed.

His pupils are disciplined and focused.

Patricia Lyons-Cox's fun, smart and sexy vocals floored me.

St. Monica's Choir inspired.

The Rebirth Brass Band were the stars of the day.

Many locals didn't know what to make of the guests from New Orleans.

They worked up a sweat on the chilly day.

Bird lives.

Even without Millie Edwards, the Wild Women of Kansas City were a treat.

These two kids were awed.

Eugene Smiley plays the blues for you.

Smiley's audience was feeling it. Note the look the woman in the lower right corner of the photo is giving me- I get that a lot.

Saxophonist Bobby Watson tore it up during the American Jazz Museum All-Star Band's session.

Event drew a large crowd of teenage girls who sang along to every song.

The little girls understand.

Karma trades in old school funk and R&B.

They effectively enhanced a few romances.

Serious dancers could be found in the museum's atrium.

Bobby Watson led his UMKC jazz students.

Schedules were up in the air toward the end of the day.

The Louis Neal Big Band was drowned out by Cameo.

I joined a mob of kids atop a fire truck to take this elevated crowd shot.

Word up. Cameo draws a crowd of thousands.

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