Friday, March 26, 2010

Venice 2010

I'm never going back.

While I'm glad to have spent two nights in Venice this month, it's just not my scene.

This image encapsulates everything I didn't like about Venice. The Bridge of Sighs is wrapped in a jewelry advertisement.

A Lacoste billboard covers scalffolding in Piazza San Marco. There may be justifiable financial reasons for these decisions, but they symbolize a crass commercial sensibility that I find very unappealing.

Venice is undeniably gorgeous.

In fact, it's the most beautiful city I've encountered.

A steep price tag is associated with the sights.

Not only was my hotel exorbitantly priced, I sensed that I was constantly being cased by the establishment's staff. At least the swarming ants that appeared minutes after I tossed an apple core in a trash can didn't wear jackets and ties. Adding insult to injury- my room had pink light fixtures.

Another of Venice's hazards is the daily influx of tourists from cruise ships. Get a load of that death star in the background. Perhaps the Venetians charged with dealing with the public are shockingly rude because they're forced to contend with the sorts of people who don't think twice about desecrating churches. I saw people spit gum on the floor and pose for "funny" pictures in confessionals at the glorious Basilica Cattedrale Patriachale di San Marco.

I was relieved to discover that the city is relatively empty early in the morning and late at night.

With no motor vehicles allowed, it's an ideal city for walking aimlessly and getting lost.

I won't pretend that I experienced the "real" Venice. But I was attracted to this betting parlor.

Proper restaurants were out of my price range. This market, however, offered the most delicious fruit I've tasted outside of Florida.

Pre-election posters and political rallies were omnipresent. The conspicuous consumption I witnessed was so extreme that I didn't roll my eyes at communist party posters. I get it.

I longed to hang out with these men but my Italian wasn't up to snuff.


(Original images by Hit Random.)


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